Current Graduate Students

  • Yifan Lin (Ph.D. in progress)
  • Yuxuan Ren (Ph.D. in progress)
  • Yuhao Wang (Ph.D. in progress)


  • Sait Cakmak (Ph.D., graduated in 2022; first job: Research Scientist at Facebook)
  • Tianyi Liu (Ph.D., graduated in 2021; first job: Research Scientist at ByteDance)
  • Di Wu (Ph.D., graduated in 2019; first job: Applied Scientist at Amazon)
  • Joshua Hale (Ph.D., graduated in 2017; first job: Data Scientist at Intel)
  • Helin Zhu (Ph.D., graduated in 2016; first job: Data Scientist at Uber)
  • Fan Ye (Ph.D., graduated in 2015; first job: Quantitaive Researcher at Morgan Stanley)
  • Chang-Han Rhee (postdoctoral fellow coadvised with Dr. Peng Qiu, now Assistant Professor at Northwestern University)
  • Xi Chen (Ph.D., graduated in 2014; first job: Data Scientist at Apple)
  • Shen Yan (M.S. with thesis, graduated in 2011)

Visiting Students

  • Xinyue Gu (Visiting student, September 2018 – March 2019)
  • Maxence Dehestru (Visiting student, June-September 2015)
  • Louis Barre (Visiting student, April-September 2014)
  • Tingxu Wang (Hourly research assistant, June-August 2013)
  • Romain Florentz (Visiting student, April-September 2011, co-advised with Liming Feng)